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Our company proposes 2 types of weighers - linear weighers and multihead weighers. Both types use load cell (with attached hoppers) for weighing the product but there is a difference in their working algorithm.
In linear weighers, each weighing hopper works individually or in other words, the single hopper is fed with product until the target weight is reached.
On the other side, the multihead weigher's work principle is much more complicated. Unlike the linear weighers, where each hopper works individually, the weighing hoppers in multihead weighers work together, hence the target weight is made by discharging a combination of weighing hoppers. Thanks to this innate feature, the multihead weighers are very efficient and precise even working with products where the single piece weight is bigger than 10-15g as biscuits, candies, dried foods, sweets, jellies etc.

Appropriate for the dosing of any granulated products in solid state, including products with irregular geometrical shape. The multihead weigher is particularly appropriate for working with products, where the weight of a single piece is more than 5-6 g. Can be used for biscuits, dried fruits, sweets, mini-waffles, frozen products, jellies, pasta, snacks, granola, chips, nuts, crackers, mini-croissants, blanched fries.

Used for the dosing of granular and grain products, with a maximum weight of a single granule/unit up to 2-3g, such as sugar, salt, beans, rice, lentils, pasta, noodles, nuts, musli, snacks, pellets, frozen vegetables, etc...
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