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Option 1 Packaging installation for automatic dosing and packing of �������� ������ pulses
This option is for a fully automatic line, as the machine folds the bag from a film roll, fills the bag with product and seals it and cuts it.
  • Description
  • Packaging machine
  • Dosing device
  • Conveyor
  • Additional devices
  • Bags and extras
In this option for filling and packing of pulses, the package is formed by a thermo-sealable film in the form of a roll. Depending on the desired level of automation, the packaging installation can be configured in various ways and could consist of the following composite modules:
- Vertical packaging machine (VFFS)
- Dosing device
- Conveyor
- Printing device
- Transport belt for the ready package
- Metal detector
- Check weigher
Note: The configuration to the right is just an example, as the client can purchase only the modules he requires.
Dosing device:
Measures out a product from bulk by some preset value and sends the ready dosage to the packaging machine (p.1).
Packaging machine:
Forms, fills and seals elastic packages. For packaging material is used thermo sealable film in the form of a roll, which by passing through the different processes of folding, sealing, filling and cutting, forms the ready bag.
Printing device:
Prints a date, lot and batch numbers, barcode and other obligatory information on the blank field of the package.
Feeding conveyor:
Transports the product to the dosing device's hopper (p.2) and maintains a constant level of the product.
Output transport belt:
Protects the warm seals of the package from damage when falling on the ground and transports the ready package to the stacking table.
Main function of the packaging machine: forming, filling and sealing of plastic bags. The working method of those machines can be found here
Depending on the size of the package and the desired capacity, the customer can choose between the following models of vertical packaging machines, appropriate for working with pulses:
For more information, please click on the chosen model
Model AM028 AM009 AM017 AM018 AM020-D
Bag size W190xH330 mm W300xH450 mm W190xH330 mm W300xH450 mm W200x190 mm
Bag volume 2.7L 10L 2.7L 10L 0.5L
Driving AC + step motors AC + step motors Servo motors Servo motors Servo motors
Capacity 55 bags/minute 30 bags/minute 110 bags/minute 80 bags/minute 50 bags/minute
Operation PLC, Touch screen PLC, Touch screen PLC, Touch screen PLC, Touch screen PLC, Touch screen
Main function of the dosing device: Measuring and dosing the product to the preset from the operator doses. The different types of dosing devices can be seen here
Depending on the method and range of dosing and the desired capacity, the customer can choose between the following models of dosing devices, appropriate for working with pulses:
For the dosing of pulses we recommend:
- volumetric fillers
- linear weighers
- multihead weighers
linear weighers Multihead weighers
Models ATD-02/04/06 G series ATD-10/14
Type Linear weigher Multihead weigher
Weighing hoppers 2/4/6 10/14
Weighing range 10-2500g 10-800g
Capacity 20/35/45 doses per minute 65/120 doses per minute
Operation MCU, Touch screen MCU, Touch screen
Construction Stainless steel #304 Stainless steel #304
Model   AVD-02
Type Volumetric volumetric fillers
Filling cups 2
Weighing range By request in range 40-1000g
Capacity 40 doses per minute
Operation CPU
Driving Pneumatics
Adjustable cups' volume YES (within certain limits)
Changeable dosing cups YES
Construction Stainless steel #304
Main function of the elevator: elevating the product up to the dosing device's hopper as well maintaining a constant product level. The different types of elevators can be seen here
Depending on his requirements, the customer can choose between the following types of feeding elevators, appropriate for working with pulses:
For transporting of pulses we recommend:
- feeding conveyor with a PVC belt
- feeding conveyor with a plastic modular belt

Conveyor with a PVC belt

Conveyor with a modular belt
Depending on the desired level of automation, the customer can equip his packaging installation with the following additional machines and devices:
date coders
Printing device
Printing date, LOT or batch number, barcode and every other obligatory information on the blank field of the package.
output conveyor
Output transport belt
Protects the warm seals of the package from damage, when falling on the ground. It transports the package to the table for stacking.
rotary tables
Rotary table
It collects and distributes the ready packages. Prevents the stacking of packages and protects their good appearance.
Check weighers
Checks weigher
Recheck the ready packages, which come from the packaging machine and puts aside those that do not meet the set target weight.
metal detectors
Metal detector
Scans and inspects for the presence of metal particles inside the ready packages and puts aside the faulty production.
bag former
Additional bag-forming system
Allows for working with films with different size. The devices are produced according to the customer's requirements.
Depending on the desired bag type, the vertical packaging machine is equipped with different types of formers. The bags that could be formed by this type of machines and the different extras are the following:
Pillow bag Stand up bag Stabilo bag Doypack bag Gas injecting Euro slot
Marking Hot stamping  
Vertical packaging machines Flowpack packaging machines Thermoforming machines Overwrapping machines
TYPES OF DOSING DEVICES Linear weighers Multihead weighers Auger fillers Volumetric fillers Dosers for liquids
Printing devices Metal detectors Check weighers Rotary tables
TYPES OF PACKAGES Pillow package Stand-up package Stabilo package Doypack package Stick package Blister package
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