Union Kehlibar Ltd - Packaging machines and equipment

Union Kehlibar Ltd designs, constructs and manufactures packaging machines and equipment for the needs of the food-processing industry.

The company offers complete and integrated solutions for the packaging of miscellaneous products.

During the production of the packaging installations, different considerations are taken into account: safety of the machines operation, easy and intuitive usage of the equipment, intelligent modular structure, easy integration and synchronization between the different modules of the machine.

While understanding the needs of its clients and taking into consideration the global trends in the development of the packaging industry, the company is trying to:
- offer more integrated and complete solutions for automation and optimization of the production processes.
- popularize the new trends in the packaging industry and view the package as a competitive advantage, rather than means of preservation and transportation.
- maintain competitive pricing and high quality of the offered equipment.

The product portfolio of the company includes:
vertical packaging machines
horizontal packaging
flowpack packaging machines
wrapping machines
thermoforming (blister) machines
filling machines
weighing dosing systems
auger dosing systems
volumetric dosing systems
feeding elevators
transport belts
marking and printing devices
flavouring barrels
mixers and homogenizers
• other non-standard equipment, customized for the client

Union Kehlibar Ltd is part of the Association of Companies for Food Processing Machine Building in Bulgaria "Hrantechmach" - Stara Zagora.

The company is taking part annually in exhibitions at Plovdiv, Bucharest and Belgrade.

Union Kehlibar Ltd has representatives in Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and Moldova.

The company has customers in Serbia, Romania, Italy, Macedonia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, Algeria, Albania and others.

Name: Union Kehlibar
Legal status: Company with limited liability
Address: Vazrazhdane Str 64, Koprivets, Ruse district, Bulgaria
Founding year: 1995
Activity: Manufacture and trade of packaging machines and equipment, dosing systems, elevators, printing and marking devices, transport belts and other auxiliary devices.

Vertical packaging machines Flowpack packaging machines Thermoforming machines Overwrapping machines
TYPES OF DOSING DEVICES Linear weighers Multihead weighers Auger fillers Volumetric fillers Dosers for liquids
Printing devices Metal detectors Check weighers Rotary tables
TYPES OF PACKAGES Pillow package Stand-up package Stabilo package Doypack package Stick package Blister package
TYPES OF ELEVATORS Elevators with a PVC/PU belt Elevators with a modular belt Screw elevators
Filling machines Mixers and blenders Flavouring rollers Dryers
TYPES OF PRODUCTS Packing of beans, lentils, peas, rice, etc Packing of pasta,noodles, etc Packing of salt and sugar Packing of nuts Packing of sweets amd biscuits Packing of granola, cornflakes and oatmeal Packing of dried fruit and jellies Packing of chips, snacks and crackers Packing of powder products Packing of liquid and semi-liquid products Packing of spices Packing of frozen products Packing of waffles, swiss rolls, etc Packing of soil mixtures amd fertilizers Packing of wood pellets Packing of animal food Packing of washing powder
Phone numbers:
Ivaylo Kosev

Todor Todorov

email: office@unionkehlibar.com
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